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Fall Is Here!

September 28, 2018

We’ve all been waiting for it!!  Cozy sweaters, boots, pumpkin everything, leaves changing colors, and holidays are around the corner… I love this time of year!!  I mean are you even human if you don’t love it?!?  Thanks to Stage, an online shop, for this fall outfit!!



One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t dress up as often as I thought I did… I used to invest in pieces that grabbed my attention like fabulous high-heel, OTK boots but I didn’t get much use out of them.  Im not saying I won’t be buying a pair this fall… =)  but I wear flats more often, especially trying to keep up with my boys!!  So I really wanted to have more flat, comfortable boots this season.  These boots are so fun, comfortable, and warm for my feet that are always cold!  I love the mountain-modern vibe they have even in Orange County… And when I go to Utah for the holidays they’ll be so perf!!!!


And if this sweater doesn’t scream fall then I don’t know what does!!  I just love this color!!  Stage has this sweater and so many more I had a hard time deciding!  They have Levi’s, one of my favorite brands for denim and so many boot options!!  I went with the ones I’m wearing but I had a few pairs of booties in my shopping cart while making my final decision! Everything is so reasonably priced!! Head over to to shop for fall!!



*All thoughts and opinions are my own!!  Sponsored by Stage!!

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Chic & Comfortable Shoes with Rothy’s

September 7, 2018

I have found my new favorite flats!!  I don’t think I’ve ever shared this before, but I have what I call “sensitive heels” haha!!  I have always struggled with closed-toe flats or pumps because my heels turn into a blistered mess!!  Which I hate because I love the simple, chic look of a closed-toe flat.  I was sent Rothy’s shoes to try and my first thought was how much I loved the beautiful color and design of these shoes- and how perfect they were for autumn!!!  I couldn’t wait to put together my first fall looks this year with them!!  What I couldn’t believe is how comfortable they are!!  They didn’t make my heels blister, in fact I could barely even feel them on my feet!!  Its like being barefoot!!  How did they do it?!

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Well Im glad you asked =)  Rothy’s knit shoes are made from 100% post- consumer plastic water bottles. Did you know that 91% of plastic is not recycled?!  Ugh. But you can feel good about wearing these shoes- to date the brand has repurposed over 11 million water bottles!!  Thats amazing!!


Rothy’s shoes are the perfect shoe for on-the-go women like me who want to be comfortable while looking stylish!!  I’ve been wearing them to meetings, appointments, school pickup, lunches, running errands, and I’m excited to wear them on future travels!!  They will be perfect for walking through airports or packing in my suitcase without weighing 5lbs!!!


xx L



*This post was sponsored by Rothys, all thoughts and opinions are my own!!

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Shoppin Levi’s on eBay!!!

July 27, 2018
lyndi kennedy, lyndi in the city, levis, ebay, fashion, style, blogger, fashion week

So I think you know by now that I’ve become an eBay addict!!!  =)  I love finding great deals on eBay and I love that there is a “buy it now” option instead of bidding- hey if you like the bidding process then more power to ya!!  haha!!  But I’ve talked about it before and its just not for me.  So now I’m much more into it and have found so many great items on there!!

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Shopping eBay Fashion

June 13, 2018

Hi friends!!

I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite ways to shop- eBay Fashion!!   ( and sell- I use eBay to sell some of my handbags and shoes, then I get to look for a new fresh piece to add to my wardrobe!!  Its a win/win situation!! )

Ive been using eBay more and more recently, I used to be a little scared off by the whole bidding thing- but what I didn’t realize is that you can buy almost everything with just a single click- no need for auction or bidding and waiting… If you have that idea stuck in your head when you think of eBay like I did, then Im here to help you change your mind!!  =)  or maybe you like the thrill of the auction and bidding, it excites you- then yay for you!!!  =)

I also didn’t realize that 85% of the items on eBay are actually brand new!!  eBay Fashion is so easy to use, you can apply almost any filter you can think of to get you just what you’re looking for!!  At the end of this post Im sharing my tips for shopping on eBay!!

For this look above I was looking for a neutral crossbody bag and I love this Rebecca Minkoff one- it reminds me of the Chanel Boy Bag ( like the black one below! but for much, much, much less!!!! )  This one was on eBay for half the price its sold in department stores for!!  I also love this Free People white top I scored from eBay- it was brand new!!!!

shop by clicking the pics below!!


I have been obsessed with the Chloe Susanna boots for YEARS!!!!  Same with the Chanel Boy Bag- like I had dreams about them both haha!!!!  But I had a hard time pulling the trigger because both were big investments.  So, I was over the moon when I found both on eBay!!!  They have different sizes and styles of both, which I linked below!!  Click the pics to shop!!



ebay, ebay fashion, lyndi kennedy, lyndi in the city, shopping, shopping online, deals, chloe, chanel, free people, womens clothing

Last time I posted about eBay I had many DM’s on Instagram about how I feel comfortable buying designer items on eBay- how do I know its authentic?!  So many of you were worried about that- and I get it!!  But I have never run into that issue- so Im going to share with you tips on what I look for!!!

  • I always, always look at the seller’s ratings!!  This will tell you a lot. Look for someone who has sold multiple items in the past and what people are saying about their experience with them.  Look at their star rating- they can’t fake that!
  • I know exactly what Im looking for- Chanel Boy Bag, Free People top or dress, Chloe shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, etc –  that way I know exactly what it looks like on the designer’s website or in department store.  If you dont already know- go look on the actual designer’s website or a reputable department store’s site and look at the same bag you are looking at on eBay- so that you know exactly what the real bag looks like!!  Dupes and fakes won’t look exactly like the real one.  The stitching will be different, the label is usually different, even the dust bag is off-color!
  • The pictures!!  Do not buy from a seller with stock photos!!  Anyone can take photos off the internet and post it.  Look for someone with good photos in their home or on them, and details, details!!  Pictures of the item inside and outside, sides, dimensions, dust bag, box, etc
  • Make sure they have an authenticity card.  Any real designer item comes with an authenticity card and the seller should have it with the item for sale.

I hope this helps!!  Happy shopping to you all!!

xx L

*all opinions are my own, post sponsored by eBay!!








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Karen Kane Look

April 16, 2018

Click the picture to shop!!


Hello lovelies!!!

Hope your week is going great!!  Mine is full of baseball games and trying to unpack from our trip to Southern Utah and California- and do all the laundry!!  Unpacking is the worst!!

While I was in California I wore this outfit from Karen Kane and its just perfect!!  Its perfect for this in-between weather when I can’t decide if its hot or cold outside!!  I wore it to run a few errands, work meetings, and lunch with a friend- and it was just the right look I needed for all of these things!!

This top has a classy feel with a little bohemian vibe to it, which I love!!  You can tie the strings in a cute knot or bow- or leave them hangin like I did here.  Ok, I have a secret too- you’d never know it but these jeans have an elastic waist- so comfortable!!  They’re a really great fit with just the right amount of stretch.  The whole Karen Kane line is really well made and beautiful!!

Peasant Top |  Jeans 

xx L




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Sweaters and Sequins

December 29, 2017

Click the pictures to shop!!


Who’s going out for New Year’s Eve and who’s staying in?!  Dressy or casual?!  So I love the dresses and heels and all that- but I thought this outfit would be so cute for either New Year’s Day, brunch, or a casual dinner on NYE.

I love this striped sweater, the colors are so cute!!  And what about this sequin beret?! I saw it at Nordstrom and had to have it!! I bought everything Im wearing at Nordstrom- my go-to shop for everything!!

I hope you all have a very safe and happy New Years!!! Thanks for all of your friendship and support!!  Lots of love!!

xx L

Sweater | Jeans | Sequin Beret | Shoes | Bag


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Boot Season With Nordstrom

November 14, 2017

Click on the picture to shop!!


Its full-blown boot season now!!!  I know we start with all the boots in fall but once winter hits I literally cannot wear open-toed shoes at all!!  My feet get so cold and I hate it!! =)  So I need all the cute boots I can get!!  I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of brown boots and I found these ones at Nordstrom- and they do not disappoint!!  They are amazing!!  I love them- and get compliments on them every time I wear them!!  I linked them above and Ill link them again at the bottom of this post!!

I feel like we all need brown boots in our closet and I found good ones – besides the ones Im wearing- for you guys!! I love having a short bootie and love a good OTK boot as well!!  Whatever you’re looking for I found the best of the best at Nordstrom and linking them above and below!! They also range in price range, so hopefully theres something for everyone!!

Also, if you want to shop the rest of my outfit its all linked!!  =)

xx L

Boots Pictured | Sweater | Scarf | Jeans | Purse

OTK Boots –Here or  Here

Booties – Here



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The Prettiest Pale Pink Skirt Ever!!!

September 7, 2017
lyndi kennedy, lyndi kennedy age, lyndi kennedy model, adam kennedy, baseball wife, nordstrom, single mom

Click on the picture to shop!!


Is this the prettiest skirt or what?!  It was love at first sight =)  Had to have it!!  Its just the right amount of puff to make my inner 8 year-old feel like its my birthday without overdoing it for grown up!! Haha!!  And that blush pink just gets me every time!!  I gave it a little edge by styling it with a T-shirt and distressed denim jacket, but plan on experimenting with all kinds of tops with this beauty!!!

I figured this is exactly what I would be wearing for day 1 of NYFW if was headed out there tomorrow like I had planned…  But Im not going this year!!  Which is a bummer but not really- I love fashion week!!  And I love New York!!  I love the energy of the city, the people, the food, the hustle, I find it so exciting!!  I love the shows, getting inspired from these genius designers- and I love seeing and meeting friends there!!  But with our recent move a month ago- from California to Utah- I feel I need to be with the kiddies.  They need me.  Theres so much change going on and I want to be there every step of the way.  I want to be at baseball games and school pickup, bedtime and in the morning when they wake up!!  Because Ill never get this time back with them and change is hard.  They’re doing so great but I just want to let the dust settle- and then Ill leave them for fashion week in February!!  Or Paris… =)   One day at a time!!

xx L

Skirt |  T-shirt |  Denim Jacket | Shoes |  Handbag

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Blue on Blue and Booties

August 4, 2017

Click on picture to shop!!


These booties are probably my favorite purchase from the Anniversary Sale!!  They are so cute n comfy- and the perfect bootie to wear from summer into fall.

And can we talk about this pretty blue tee with ruffled sleeves?!  Love, love!! I have it in grey also because its just so good!! It comes in an olive color too.  This sweater sold out unfortunately- it was gone by the time I got these pictures taken and I went to get the links!!  Hate when that happens… So I linked a couple cardigans that are on sale for ya!!

Time to put a very tired 4 year old to bed- thanks for stopping by!! xx L


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We are Makin a Move!!!

July 26, 2017

It’s true!!  We are moving!!  Were leaving our beloved hometown of California for Utah… I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it but we head out today!!  =)  I haven’t been a very good instagrammer lately and now you know why- Ive been packing and getting ready for a major move!!

They say home is where the heart is and its true- Utah is not my home, California is!!  I was born in Orange County, we moved to San Diego when I was 8, and then to Temecula where I went to high school.  My boys were all born in Orange County and know nothing else…

My parents split their time between Temecula and Utah now and my sisters have relocated to Utah.  I have friends here in Orange County that are like family, Im so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!!  But theres nothing quite like family and seeing your kiddos run around with their cousins!!  I am super close with my sisters and it has been so hard on me to be so far apart- I miss them so much it hurts!!

There was an incredible amount of prayer that went into this decision and ultimately was something I knew without doubt was the right decision for me and my family.  If you’ve been following me for awhile and/or watch my instastories then you know we spend most of our spare time at the beach!!  We are a swimming, surfing, kite-flying, saltwater loving, sunset watching, barefoot, sundress wearing (okay thats just me!! )  kinda fam- so this will be a huge change for us!!  But with change comes growth and I know it will be good for all of us- and we will be back in California often!!

I might be writing a post one day saying I can’t take the cold and Im moving back haha!!  Well see…  =)

xx L

Click on the pics to shop this look- dress is so cute and comes in 3 colors!!!




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