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Trying Out Trendsend with Evereve

November 4, 2017

Happy Monday!!

I”m really excited to share this post with you guys!!  As many of you know I started out in this blog world as a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist- and now I got to experience what its like to have my own!!  It was nice to let someone else do the shopping for me for once =)

I used Trendsend, a service by Evereve- and they have the brands I love to wear already so it was a no-brainer!!  All I had to do was answer some questions about my preferences in styles, colors, and fit- my lifestyle and activities or work that I participate in, and size.  Theres a couple different places to add anything else you think your stylist should know.  Then a stylist from Evereve puts together a package for you and sends to your home!!  You get to try it all on in the comfort of your own home, which I love.  Its so easy to return what you dont want, just pop it in the mail with the shipping label included!!

My Trendsend box included these skinny jeans in a dark wash which I love for fall/winter- perfect for boots!!  Also this black cami with lace detail and this striped cardigan that Im obsessed with!!  I was wearing it in my insta-stories the other day and had several questions about it!!  It also included another sweater and floral dress that Ill share on my insta-stories today!!  Im taking over the Evereve instagram today and doing a live session on insta-stories where Ill share what was in my box and walk you through the process of signing up for this fun service.  Stay at home moms and working moms are equally busy and I think either will benefit from this, so check it out!!

Click here to create your own profile!!


xx L



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Mommy and Me Date Night Downtown

September 28, 2017

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Nixon’s look:


Lyndi’s Look:



My little lover boy and I had such a fun “date night” with some other friends and their littles!!!  Its always fun to bring them along!!!  I think Im due for a night out sans kiddos next time though… =)  haha!!  This kid has so much energy, I wish I could bottle it up and take some for me!!

Ive said it before, but thats why I usually dress him in clothes that are easy to move around in.  Some denim or other restrictive clothing drives him a little crayyy-crayyyy and he ends up ripping his clothes off!!  Im serious!!   So I love finding cute sweats and joggers like the ones he’s wearing- which come in grey and black also.  I love the raw edge on his sweatshirt and we put this darling striped button down under it!!  These shoes are so easy because one word- VELCRO!!  I seriously love velcro shoes for him- lifesaver!!  They come in several colors!  On to my outfit- who doesn’t love a good ruffle?!  This top is perfect with jeans or a skirt, its great quality, and its affordable!!  These jeans are one of my 3 top pairs that I pretty much rotate between right now- they’re such a great fit!!  And who doesn’t need a good nude sandal???  The heel on these make it so much easier to walk in.  We got everything were wearing at Nordstrom!!  We love Nordstrom because it has so much good stuff for both of us!!  Win, win!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:  Button Down Shirt |  Sweatshirt |  Jogger Pants  |  Shoes

Lyndi’s Look:  Ruffle Top |  Jeans  | Backpack |  Shoes






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Casual Day with Mama!!!

September 26, 2017

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Lyndi’s Look:


Nix’s Look:


Out and about with my little lover!!!  He pretty much goes everywhere with me- which has its pros and cons =)   I love my little sidekick!!  Never a dull moment with this one along for the ride!!

Its that time of year where its not hot and not cold yet so were wearing some of our favorite in-between pieces from Nordstrom!!  Nordstrom always has a great selection of boys clothes for Nixon, which I love because then I can grab some stuff for me while Im at it!!  =)   This kid is full of energy- so I usually dress him comfortably- in clothing that gives him a lot of movement!!  I love these mustard joggers and they come in black too!!  This cute striped hoodie he’s wearing comes in green also.  My grey tee with a little puff in the sleeves is so cute- and it comes in a pretty pink color also, I just love all the options!!  Oh and my adorable, affordable red bag comes in mustard also- serious options here with Nordstrom and you’re gonna love it all!!  I never ended up putting this black suede jacket on but check it out, I already know Ill be wearing it out this fall and winter!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:   Jogger Pants | Striped Hoodie | Shoes

Lyndi’s Look:   Grey Tee | Jeans |  Shoes |  Jacket  | Handbag



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Back To School With Bloomies!!!

August 16, 2017

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Behind the sunnies my eyes were welling up with tears just taking these pictures!!  My baby is growing up!!  Next week Nix will start preschool and he is excited about meeting new friends- he is such a social little guy!!  He is a little confused about why some of his friends are going to kindergarten and he’s not- he won’t be 5 until the end of October so he won’t start kindergarten until next year.

We went back-to-school shopping online with Bloomingdales and found some great stuff!!  They have the cutest backpacks, which I linked up in the shopping pics at the top of the post!! Nix likes to dress for comfort- he is full of energy and always on the go!!  So I think he doesn’t like to be held back by clothing =)  Which is why we picked this jogger pants and sweatshirt combo!  Its so cute and comfy, won’t show the dirt this kid manages to find everywhere 😉 and I love that they can be worn separately also.  If you’re looking for jeans or polos, and other back-to-school clothing I saw some cute stuff online also!!  And who doesn’t love a little boy ( or girl!!!) in some good ‘ol chucks?!  Converse shoes just never get old- on kids or adults!!  Nix thinks the high-tops make him a superhero hahaha!!  I can’t figure out the connection but I think its adorable =)

Happy back-to-school shopping!!!!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:  Sweatshirt |  T-Shirt |  Jogger Pants  |  Shoes  |  Backpack


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Blue on Blue and Booties

August 4, 2017

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These booties are probably my favorite purchase from the Anniversary Sale!!  They are so cute n comfy- and the perfect bootie to wear from summer into fall.

And can we talk about this pretty blue tee with ruffled sleeves?!  Love, love!! I have it in grey also because its just so good!! It comes in an olive color too.  This sweater sold out unfortunately- it was gone by the time I got these pictures taken and I went to get the links!!  Hate when that happens… So I linked a couple cardigans that are on sale for ya!!

Time to put a very tired 4 year old to bed- thanks for stopping by!! xx L


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We are Makin a Move!!!

July 26, 2017

It’s true!!  We are moving!!  Were leaving our beloved hometown of California for Utah… I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it but we head out today!!  =)  I haven’t been a very good instagrammer lately and now you know why- Ive been packing and getting ready for a major move!!

They say home is where the heart is and its true- Utah is not my home, California is!!  I was born in Orange County, we moved to San Diego when I was 8, and then to Temecula where I went to high school.  My boys were all born in Orange County and know nothing else…

My parents split their time between Temecula and Utah now and my sisters have relocated to Utah.  I have friends here in Orange County that are like family, Im so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!!  But theres nothing quite like family and seeing your kiddos run around with their cousins!!  I am super close with my sisters and it has been so hard on me to be so far apart- I miss them so much it hurts!!

There was an incredible amount of prayer that went into this decision and ultimately was something I knew without doubt was the right decision for me and my family.  If you’ve been following me for awhile and/or watch my instastories then you know we spend most of our spare time at the beach!!  We are a swimming, surfing, kite-flying, saltwater loving, sunset watching, barefoot, sundress wearing (okay thats just me!! )  kinda fam- so this will be a huge change for us!!  But with change comes growth and I know it will be good for all of us- and we will be back in California often!!

I might be writing a post one day saying I can’t take the cold and Im moving back haha!!  Well see…  =)

xx L

Click on the pics to shop this look- dress is so cute and comes in 3 colors!!!




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Summer Days With Nixon

July 7, 2017

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I know, I know- Ive heard and read that too much screen time is bad for kids!! =)  So I limit his usage, dont worry!!  The day these pictures were taken Nixon wasn’t his usual spunky self.  I just thought he was being 4 and feisty or addicted to the game he was playing… He wasn’t cooperating so I thought I should just let him play on the phone, he must be having a bad day- we all have them!!  Im glad I wasn’t too hard on him, by that evening he was burring up and had a fever for the next couple of days!! Poor baby!!

But at least he looked cute!!  Haha Im kidding!!  I just love his cute button up shirt, something about them on boys just makes them look so handsome!!  This exact one must have sold out- I hate it when that happens!!  But I linked the a similar one plus the same shirt but in white with a cute arrow pattern.  I think I talked about these shoes in my last post but just incase you didn’t read it- Nixon has these in 3 different colors!! The slip-on and velcro shoe is the best invention ever =)   Both of our outfits are from Nordstrom- our favorite place to shop!!!!

Nixon’s Look:    Shirt |  Shorts  |  Shoes

Lyndi’s Look:    Dress |  Shoes  |  Handbag |  Sunnies


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Happy 4th of July From Us!!!

July 1, 2017

Click the picture to shop!!



Happy almost 4th of July!!!  We are so excited!!  Its one of our favorite days!!  I mean who doesn’t love it, right?!?  Whats not to love…

My parents are very patriotic so getting dressed in all the red, white, and blue brings back fun memories for me!!  We are wearing some of the cutest stuff- its all from my favorite place, Nordstrom!!  This cute little red dress has the most darling crochet detail and fun frilly bottom.  Im wearing it as a swim coverup, so its a multitasker, which I love!!  Nixon is wearing super cute swim trunks that he’s worn 50 times already this summer =)  and they’re holding up great with all that chlorine!!  He wears them even when were not swimming!!  I love this Camp California tee he’s wearing too- they make such cute boys stuff these days!!  With my older boys I felt like it was harder to find cute stuff.  And lastly, these shoes are my absolute FAVORITE shoes ever for him!!  They slip on, velcro, annnnnd cute!!!! Best ever!!

Thanks for comin by the blog!!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:   T-Shirt  |  Swim Shorts  | Shoes

Lyndi’s Look:   Dress |  Shoes  |  Bag

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Embroidered Dress/Coverup x My Little Buddy

June 10, 2017

Click picture to shop!!


How cute is this little embroidered dress?!  Perfect for a coverup as well!!  If you haven’t noticed yet Im a little obsessed with these sandals!!  I have them in black too- and think I need them in the nude color too…  Need, right?!   =)   Im writing this at 1 am because thats when the house is quiet- but my eyes burn so thats about all Im typing for tonight!!  Haha!! But I wanted to post this because sizes are running low!!  Have a happy weekend!!

xx L


Fashion and Lifestyle

Mommy and Me Outing with Bloomingdales

May 5, 2017

Click the picture to shop!!


We are so happy about warmer temps, sunshine, shorts, and dresses!!  We live for this time of year!!  Today we went down by the beach to meet friends for ice-cream and walk on the pier.  Its been sooooo nice out!!  Its hot but not too hot- just how I like it!!

We unintentionally matched- I swear!! =)  Maybe I do it subconsciously, probably!!  Im lovin his distressed denim- just how his mama like her denim!  They’re perfect for pairing a t-shirt or button down shirt.  Speaking of button down shirt- how cute is this multi-color pineapple one my little buddy is wearing?!  Its crisp and white with those adorable pineapples, I love it!!  He wore it to church last sunday with colored pants so Im all about versatile pieces you can get plenty of wear from!  His little Toms are my fav pair of shoes he has right now- one word… velcro!!  Haha!!  Plus they’re super cute!! I had a hard time deciding between these and his white Chucks but he picked these- I linked the white converse too because they’re always a great go-to.  Oh and lets not forget about my dress!!! I feel like Im wearing a nightgown its so dang comfortable!!  Chambray and embroidery- plus its lined- win/win!!  We shopped at Bloomingdales for all of it and couldn’t be happier!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:   Shirt |  Shorts |  Shoes |  Shoes

Lyndi’s Look:   Dress | Shoes |  Shoes | Bag

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