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My Family Christmas Cards with Walmart

December 4, 2018
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It’s Christmas card time!!!  =)

I just love getting holiday cards in the mail from our friends and family!!  It’s always fun seeing their family pictures and kids growing up, especially the ones we don’t see often.  My kids love looking at all the holiday cards we get in the mail too.  Also, I keep our old Christmas cards from over the years and they think its fun to look at our old ones!!   Continue Reading…

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Fall Is Here!

September 28, 2018

We’ve all been waiting for it!!  Cozy sweaters, boots, pumpkin everything, leaves changing colors, and holidays are around the corner… I love this time of year!!  I mean are you even human if you don’t love it?!?  Thanks to Stage, an online shop, for this fall outfit!!



One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t dress up as often as I thought I did… I used to invest in pieces that grabbed my attention like fabulous high-heel, OTK boots but I didn’t get much use out of them.  Im not saying I won’t be buying a pair this fall… =)  but I wear flats more often, especially trying to keep up with my boys!!  So I really wanted to have more flat, comfortable boots this season.  These boots are so fun, comfortable, and warm for my feet that are always cold!  I love the mountain-modern vibe they have even in Orange County… And when I go to Utah for the holidays they’ll be so perf!!!!


And if this sweater doesn’t scream fall then I don’t know what does!!  I just love this color!!  Stage has this sweater and so many more I had a hard time deciding!  They have Levi’s, one of my favorite brands for denim and so many boot options!!  I went with the ones I’m wearing but I had a few pairs of booties in my shopping cart while making my final decision! Everything is so reasonably priced!! Head over to to shop for fall!!



*All thoughts and opinions are my own!!  Sponsored by Stage!!

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My Tried And True Beauty Products

September 27, 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my favorite beauty products, and I am finally sharing my tried and true favs!!  These aren’t new products I’m trying and reviewing- these are all things I have been using for years, and out of all the lipsticks, concealers, powders, mascaras, etc- these have won in my book!!  I have found every one of these at Nordstrom and linking it all for you!! Im going to show you everything and the colors I use…

click to shop!





One of my most asked questions on my blog or IG is hair questions!!  I wear 20″ extensions, the sewn-in beaded wefts.  Ive tried every single method and I prefer these over tapes, individuals, or clip-ins.  I get a shadow root and highlights done around every 6 weeks.  Might have to go sooner now because I think I’ve seen a grey or two- oh my gosh its happening!!! =)  I love this blow dryer, even though Ive thought about splurging on the Dyson dryer but haven’t pulled the trigger yet because its soooo expensive!  Heard its worth it… And if I did buy it, I would only buy it from Nordstrom.  I have tried tons of curling irons and this is the only one I love.  It makes the curls last forever! Literally like 3 days!!  And its great quality so it doesn’t damage my hair. I hold it diagonally and leave an inch out at the ends.  Sometimes I use it with the clamp closed as a wand too!

Continue Reading…

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Chic & Comfortable Shoes with Rothy’s

September 7, 2018

I have found my new favorite flats!!  I don’t think I’ve ever shared this before, but I have what I call “sensitive heels” haha!!  I have always struggled with closed-toe flats or pumps because my heels turn into a blistered mess!!  Which I hate because I love the simple, chic look of a closed-toe flat.  I was sent Rothy’s shoes to try and my first thought was how much I loved the beautiful color and design of these shoes- and how perfect they were for autumn!!!  I couldn’t wait to put together my first fall looks this year with them!!  What I couldn’t believe is how comfortable they are!!  They didn’t make my heels blister, in fact I could barely even feel them on my feet!!  Its like being barefoot!!  How did they do it?!

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Well Im glad you asked =)  Rothy’s knit shoes are made from 100% post- consumer plastic water bottles. Did you know that 91% of plastic is not recycled?!  Ugh. But you can feel good about wearing these shoes- to date the brand has repurposed over 11 million water bottles!!  Thats amazing!!


Rothy’s shoes are the perfect shoe for on-the-go women like me who want to be comfortable while looking stylish!!  I’ve been wearing them to meetings, appointments, school pickup, lunches, running errands, and I’m excited to wear them on future travels!!  They will be perfect for walking through airports or packing in my suitcase without weighing 5lbs!!!


xx L



*This post was sponsored by Rothys, all thoughts and opinions are my own!!

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Retail Therapy App

July 31, 2018

Hey all you Orange County friends!!  Or anybody who visits OC regularly…  Or anybody in Santa Clara county…  =)

I recently found out about the best app for deals at local shops, retailers, restaurants, cafes, and more!!  Retail Therapy App has amazing discounts I could not pass up!!  I dont know why I hadn’t started using it sooner- when I was working on this post I had a few friends say they use it all the time and love it!!  And why had they not told me about it already, what?!?!  I’ve been exploring the app and using it around Orange County and loving it!!!  Excited to share my experience with a few of them below!!

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Shoppin Levi’s on eBay!!!

July 27, 2018
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So I think you know by now that I’ve become an eBay addict!!!  =)  I love finding great deals on eBay and I love that there is a “buy it now” option instead of bidding- hey if you like the bidding process then more power to ya!!  haha!!  But I’ve talked about it before and its just not for me.  So now I’m much more into it and have found so many great items on there!!

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May Outfit Inspo With Nordstrom!

May 6, 2018
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May is here, spring is in action, and summer is around the corner!!  Ive put together a few outfits for you that can be worn both seasons!!

This first look is a favorite of mine!!  I mixed some higher-end pieces with lower-priced items and this look is polished head to toe!!  Its perfect for date night or a business meeting and you’ll love the flattering look of paper-bag tied pants!!  Ive been wearing these shoes with everything lately!! I put this look together with pieces all from Nordstrom.

Click the picture to shop!


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Another look I put together with Nordstrom is this crisp white denim skirt, which is a fun alternative to the typical jean skirt ( and makes your legs look tan!!) will definitely be worn all through the end of summer!!  Paired with this darling smocked and embroidered top in olive green ( it comes in white also!) and some platform espadrilles for a cute warm-weather look!!

Click the picture to shop!!



And how cute is this dress for spring/summer!?!? Im obsessed!!  It comes in blue stripe also and I just might have to get it too!!  It has support ( no bra necessary for most, which I love!) and its lined so its not see-through ( I hate that!)  and it has pockets ( why do we love pockets so much!? ha!!)   All from Nordstorm!!

Click picture to shop!!


baseball wives, baseball girlfriends, pro athletes wives, dodgers, angels, adam kennedy, lyndi kennedy


Last but not least!!!  A rainbow to end this post =)  because who doesn’t love a rainbow!!!??  Who doesn’t love some cutoffs and a bike ride at sunset on the beach?!  The perfect summer evening if you ask me…  Comfy, casual, and fun!!  One more outfit from Nordstrom!!!

Click to shop!!


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xoxoxooxooxoxooooo  L


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, all opinions are my own!!




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Brosway Bracelet for Mother’s Day

May 3, 2018

Happy Wednesday!!

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is just right around the corner!!  It always creeps up on me because Im thinking about how I can make my own mother feel special, like she deserves, and also how I would like to spend Mother’s Day- since I deserve it too!!! =) haha!!

My mother raised 4 girls and we were crazy!!  Between the 4 of us there was a lot of braids, bows, and ponytails- stealing clothes and fighting over boys- and lots of fun playing house and barbies…  Now Im raising 3 crazy boys and my life is filled with baseballs and bats, basketballs and footballs- going through enough food to feed an army, fighting over video games, talking about poop and farts, car full of sand, surfboards and boogie boards… and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

Mothers work hard and I love being able to show appreciation and receive it on this special day!!  Thats why I got my mom this beautiful bracelet from Brosway– they have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry!!  And this one is just perfect to show her how I feel!!  Im so lucky- my boys were able to give me one too thanks to Brosway!!! I just love it and won’t be taking it off!! Ever!!  =)

Right now if you go to my instagram we are giving away 2 bracelets!!  Go enter the contest!!  Its really easy!!  Also they are offering a discount to my followers: 15% off with code: MOM2018

Shoop Here:

xx L


This post was sponsored by Brosway, all opinions are my own!!







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Karen Kane Look

April 16, 2018

Click the picture to shop!!


Hello lovelies!!!

Hope your week is going great!!  Mine is full of baseball games and trying to unpack from our trip to Southern Utah and California- and do all the laundry!!  Unpacking is the worst!!

While I was in California I wore this outfit from Karen Kane and its just perfect!!  Its perfect for this in-between weather when I can’t decide if its hot or cold outside!!  I wore it to run a few errands, work meetings, and lunch with a friend- and it was just the right look I needed for all of these things!!

This top has a classy feel with a little bohemian vibe to it, which I love!!  You can tie the strings in a cute knot or bow- or leave them hangin like I did here.  Ok, I have a secret too- you’d never know it but these jeans have an elastic waist- so comfortable!!  They’re a really great fit with just the right amount of stretch.  The whole Karen Kane line is really well made and beautiful!!

Peasant Top |  Jeans 

xx L




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