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Olay’s Brightening Eye Cream

November 14, 2018

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram that I was trying out the new Olay eye cream for dark circles- and I told you I would let you know what I think!!   


I never struggled with dark circles until recently, and I’m not happy about it!!  =) I would say it’s been about 2 years now that I’ve noticed darker and darker under-eyes and I blame age and sleep!!  I can’t do anything about getting older, but I am trying to get into bed a little earlier since I tend to be a night owl!! I feel like thats my only time to do laundry, the dishes, clean the house, catch up on social media, chat on the phone with a sister or friend, and maybe take a bath!!  Before I know it 1am rolls around… I really need to do something about this haha!! I have to take one kiddo to school at 7am and the other at 9am, and then I usually go workout and work. So no sleeping in for me!! Some people sleep in on Saturdays but soccer and baseball thats usually not an option either…  Depending on our church schedule I get to sleep in on Sundays- yay!! Continue Reading…

Fashion and Lifestyle

Shoppin Levi’s on eBay!!!

July 27, 2018
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So I think you know by now that I’ve become an eBay addict!!!  =)  I love finding great deals on eBay and I love that there is a “buy it now” option instead of bidding- hey if you like the bidding process then more power to ya!!  haha!!  But I’ve talked about it before and its just not for me.  So now I’m much more into it and have found so many great items on there!!

Continue Reading…

Fashion and Lifestyle

Ruffled White Tee x Favorite Denim

June 6, 2017

Click the picture to shop!!!



Eyelet, ruffles, and a basic white tee in one?!  Well, obviously its not basic anymore =)  but isn’t it cute?!  Im also wearing my absolute favorite pair of darker-wash skinny jeans- you can tell because Ive worn them so much they hardly even look like the ones in the picture!!  They just fit perfectly!!  These shoes are great- comfortable, they go with everything, and they’re on sale!!  I added another pair incase they start to get low in stock!

xx L


Fashion and Lifestyle

Mixing Denim, Band Tee, and a Lace Skirt

May 19, 2017

Click on the picture to shop!!



I about died when I saw this skirt!!  Its everything!!  I mean seriously!!  I wore it to church last week with a white top with ruffle sleeves- but sometimes its hard to get a picture after 3 hours of church and getting starving kids home to eat!!  I just love that you can wear it so many different ways!!

Obviously this day I was feelin a little edgy ( and maybe wanted to be comfy in a t-shirt?!) so I paired it with my new favorite super soft band tee!!  Threw on this distressed denim jacket ( you won’t believe the price on this rad jacket!! )  and went to pull may hair out- then decided to leave it tucked in.  And now Im debating cutting my hair off!!  Its always fun to change your hair!!  Only problem is that after awhile I end up wanting it long again…

Also these shoes are easy to walk in with the platform heel, go with everything, and they’re on sale!!!  Sizes are going quick so I lined another pair…

Thanks for stopping in!!!!!   xx L

T-Shirt |  Skirt  |  Denim Jacket |  Shoes  |  Purse


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