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Olay’s Brightening Eye Cream

November 14, 2018

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram that I was trying out the new Olay eye cream for dark circles- and I told you I would let you know what I think!!   


I never struggled with dark circles until recently, and I’m not happy about it!!  =) I would say it’s been about 2 years now that I’ve noticed darker and darker under-eyes and I blame age and sleep!!  I can’t do anything about getting older, but I am trying to get into bed a little earlier since I tend to be a night owl!! I feel like thats my only time to do laundry, the dishes, clean the house, catch up on social media, chat on the phone with a sister or friend, and maybe take a bath!!  Before I know it 1am rolls around… I really need to do something about this haha!! I have to take one kiddo to school at 7am and the other at 9am, and then I usually go workout and work. So no sleeping in for me!! Some people sleep in on Saturdays but soccer and baseball thats usually not an option either…  Depending on our church schedule I get to sleep in on Sundays- yay!! Continue Reading…

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My Tried And True Beauty Products

September 27, 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my favorite beauty products, and I am finally sharing my tried and true favs!!  These aren’t new products I’m trying and reviewing- these are all things I have been using for years, and out of all the lipsticks, concealers, powders, mascaras, etc- these have won in my book!!  I have found every one of these at Nordstrom and linking it all for you!! Im going to show you everything and the colors I use…

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One of my most asked questions on my blog or IG is hair questions!!  I wear 20″ extensions, the sewn-in beaded wefts.  Ive tried every single method and I prefer these over tapes, individuals, or clip-ins.  I get a shadow root and highlights done around every 6 weeks.  Might have to go sooner now because I think I’ve seen a grey or two- oh my gosh its happening!!! =)  I love this blow dryer, even though Ive thought about splurging on the Dyson dryer but haven’t pulled the trigger yet because its soooo expensive!  Heard its worth it… And if I did buy it, I would only buy it from Nordstrom.  I have tried tons of curling irons and this is the only one I love.  It makes the curls last forever! Literally like 3 days!!  And its great quality so it doesn’t damage my hair. I hold it diagonally and leave an inch out at the ends.  Sometimes I use it with the clamp closed as a wand too!

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Mother’s Day Gifts

April 30, 2017

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Im so excited to share some of my favorite gifts to give and get with you!!  As a mom and daughter, Mother’s Day is a special day for me!!  Ofcourse Im good with hand-picked flowers, quality time, and lots of love… but getting a nice gift that Ill use is always fun too!!  I love getting my mom something nice to let her know how much we all appreciate her too.  I always get her something I love and use myself so that I know she’ll love it!

Ok, this is my favorite candle!!  It smells sooooo good and looks so pretty too!  I give it as a gift all the time!!  I even buy a couple at a time so that I have one when a friend’s birthday comes up!  I’m sensitive to fragrances on my body so I dont wear perfume often, but when I do this the only one I wear!!  My 2 favorite scents are linked!!  This is my favorite eyeshadow palette and its great for everyone!  These earrings are perfect for anyone!!  I love them!!  Im pretty sure anybody would love to receive any of these!

All of these favorites are from Nordstrom- which is great because they have everything we need and free shipping!!  We all probably need to get our orders in soon- Mother’s Day is in a 2 weeks!  If you’re a mother I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and feel loved!!  Or enjoy this day with your mama!!

xx L

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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection

December 19, 2016
aveeno, lotion, moisturizer, health, beauty, skincare, wellness
As a mom of 3 boys I dont have a lot of “me time” but Ive learned that I need to make it a priority. I feel my personal best and Im actually a better mother when I take time for myself. Im sure any of you mothers agree! One thing Ive always done to take care of my body is moisturize- I can’t stand my skin feeling dry!! Ive been using Aveeno’s new Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection and I just love the way it feels and smells!! It contains vitamins, proteins, lactic acid, and lipids found in rich yogurt which saturates your skin with moisture, leaving it smooth and soft for 48 hours! I also love the cream body wash which is formulated to gently cleanse without stripping or damaging my skin. The added bonus is how wonderful it smells!!! Its such a great way to start the day!!
How do you take a #MomentForMe?
xx L
This post was sponsored by Aveeno. All opinions are my own.
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Social Lashes

November 4, 2016

Have any of you babes ever thought about getting eyelash extensions??  Or maybe you already have them?!  Id love to know what you think about them!!  I recently went to Social Lashes here in Orange County and Im loving my pretty lashes!!  Its the best feeling to wake up and look somewhat presentable!!  =)  I can wake up, throw on clothes and run my little guy into preschool or go to the gym without putting any makeup on!!

Theres pros and cons to false eyelashes- just like hair extensions!!  Heres how I feel about the ups and downs of eyelash extensions:


*Waking up pretty

*Makeup routine shortened- no need for mascara

*Great for vacations!!

*Never using strips again- I hate those!


*Time – they take an hour and you have to go in every 2 weeks.

*Expense- Its an added expense that you may or may not be able to afford.  I would say if the place is cheap you may not want to go there, Ive had friends get eye infections from certain places…

*Damage- some people will say that they dont damage your eyelashes but I have experienced damage to my own lashes. Do I still get them??? Yes!! They do come back to life if you give them time.  Ive been getting them done on and off for a couple of years now and I suggest giving them a couple months off here and there!

Call Social Lashes to book an appointment HERE!!

xx L


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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless

July 27, 2016
lyndi kennedy, lyndi in the city, aveeno , skincare, beauty, anti aging


I’m trying a new skincare routine with Aveeno and loving it!! I’ve always tried to take care of my skin- I’m grateful my mama always told me to start early!! I’m glad I did because now that I’m getting older, I’m seeing how important it is!! Aveeno Absolutely Ageless products have helped even out my skin tone and my skin feels so soft!! I believe true beauty really is ageless, I admire women who have aged gracefully- their beauty shines from within!! With a little help from great products 🙂

The price point is also a bonus, so try it out!!

I partnered with Aveeno on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

xx L
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Spring-Ready Skin

March 8, 2016
nordstrom, beauty, health, skincare, wellness,

Winter weather can make my skin feel dull, so its time to get my skin spring-ready!!  Im using this routine to exfoliate and brighten my skin- and already seeing results!!  Ill be honest- I was a little late to the sunblock party =)  I didn’t want to listen because I love the sun!! Im a southern California girl, the beach is my happy place!!  But between the beach, pool, sitting at baseball games, running outdoors,  and also pregnancy- I started to notice uneven skin tone and brown spots.  I hate them!!  So of course I can’t go back in time and change my mind about sunblock but I wear it everyday now and using these products have definitely helped!!

xx L

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