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Lavender Cardi x Grey Tee x Denim

May 18, 2017

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Spring weather drives me crazy!!  =)  Ofcourse I love spring, its a beautiful time of year- but does anyone else struggle with how to dress?!  One day its cold, next day its hot!!  I feel like every time I get ready for cool weather after seeing its overcast I end up sweating and then I dress for hot weather and end up freezing!!  So Ive learned that cardi’s are my best friend- along with ventilated jeans haha 😉

With that being said this card is perfect!!  And how pretty is the color?! Love!!  It comes in black also if you’re in the market for a black one…  Ive been wearing this grey tee all the time- its so soft and its on sale!!!!  These are a great pair of lighter-washed skinny jeans with the busted knee… I feel like a broken record but these shoes and this bag are obviously favorites of mine!!  I wear this combo all the time!!  They just seem to go with everything!!

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xx L

Cardigan |  Jeans  |  T-shirt  |  Shoes  |  Handbag

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