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Back To School With Bloomies!!!

August 16, 2017

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Behind the sunnies my eyes were welling up with tears just taking these pictures!!  My baby is growing up!!  Next week Nix will start preschool and he is excited about meeting new friends- he is such a social little guy!!  He is a little confused about why some of his friends are going to kindergarten and he’s not- he won’t be 5 until the end of October so he won’t start kindergarten until next year.

We went back-to-school shopping online with Bloomingdales and found some great stuff!!  They have the cutest backpacks, which I linked up in the shopping pics at the top of the post!! Nix likes to dress for comfort- he is full of energy and always on the go!!  So I think he doesn’t like to be held back by clothing =)  Which is why we picked this jogger pants and sweatshirt combo!  Its so cute and comfy, won’t show the dirt this kid manages to find everywhere 😉 and I love that they can be worn separately also.  If you’re looking for jeans or polos, and other back-to-school clothing I saw some cute stuff online also!!  And who doesn’t love a little boy ( or girl!!!) in some good ‘ol chucks?!  Converse shoes just never get old- on kids or adults!!  Nix thinks the high-tops make him a superhero hahaha!!  I can’t figure out the connection but I think its adorable =)

Happy back-to-school shopping!!!!!

xx L

Nixon’s Look:  Sweatshirt |  T-Shirt |  Jogger Pants  |  Shoes  |  Backpack


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