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Cognac x Baby Blue

August 25, 2016

You know those tops or dresses that you put on and they just make you feel pretty?!?  Well this top is one of those!!  All the delicate details are just to die for!!  I absolutely loved this color too!! But it comes in both black and white also for those of you who dont love the color.

Can we talk about how fab this bag and these shoes are?!?  So, so good!!  The movement on the bag makes it fun to just walk around and swing it back and forth =)  These shoes are soooo good too- the chunkier heel makes for more comfortable walking and the laceup detail just makes them more fun!!  Also- these cropped jeans are perfect for those lace up shoes!!

xx L

Top Denim | Bag | Bag- Alternative | Heels | Bracelet

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Cold Shoulder x Ruffles

August 16, 2016

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Ive always loved teal!!  Such a pretty color!!  Add a cold shoulder and some ruffles!!  Yes please!!

I added some cognac accents and piled on the rings to complete this look!!  My brain is a little fried, today was the first day of school for one of my kiddos!!  Its been crazy wrapping up summer and getting prepared for one kid to start school today- one starting school next Monday, and then the toddler… Looking into preschools for a couple days a week… I know moms with 3 kids very close in age and I know thats hard- but this being on 3 completely different schedules is exhausting!!  _Y5A3363 lyndi kennedy, lyndi in the city, shopbop, nordstrom, vince camuto, style expert, fashion blogger, rebecca minkoff, handbags, sunglasses, hairstyle

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Girls in Sneaks

August 12, 2016
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If you’re gonna be a blogger, you kinda need a blogger bestie!!! =)   And when you hang out enough you even start to think alike- its so true!!  So when we walked around the corner and saw each other in our comfy kicks we laughed!!

Missy looked sooooo cute in her white lace dress and chucks!!  And this dress in on sale for a killer price!!  Guess what else?!  It also comes in a really pretty blue!!

My jeans have obviously become one of my favorite pairs!!  If you follow me on insta too you’ll notice Ive been over-wearing!! Oh well!  Theres so much to love about this button up top- I tied in a knot but you can leave it alone or tuck it in.  Added a fun statement necklace and my superstars to make it “my style”.

xx L

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Bodysuit x Boyfriend Jeans

August 10, 2016

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I am a 90’s girl so why wouldn’t I jump on the bodysuit trend?! They were so in style back then- but when the trend died I didn’t really see it coming back!! I thought it was dead for good!! But I know better than that!!  Fashion always repeats itself- designers just reinvent old looks and give them a modern twist. Bodysuits are actually great because theres no annoying bunching and tucking going on!! And you know what else??  No buttcracks when you’re bending over either!!  Thats a win!!  =)

The material of this bodysuit is soooo soft it makes me love it even more- my skin is a little sensitive, it hates icky fabric!! Add the lace up detail and = love!!  Boyfriend jeans are always a good idea- especially with a bodysuit because they offset the tightness of the bodysuit.  Im in love with these comfy shoes, crossbody bag, sunnies, choker, and bracelet too!!  Oh and this wall! =)

xx L

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Insta Pic Roundup

August 5, 2016
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Hey guys!!  Just wanted to catch up on some Instagram posts!!  I know some of you aren’t Like to Know it fans, dont want to register- get the emails, etc… some of you prefer to come to the blog and just click the links of the item you like!!  So heres the links for the items in these posts!!  Please click on the pic and it will take you to the site to purchase!!  Thanks!

xx L

Look 1 :

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

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Dresses x Friends

August 2, 2016

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I am so lucky- I have made some great friends through this bloggy world- and this one in particular- Missy of Sapphire Diaries-  quickly became a close friend that I adore!!  We realized at an event that we live literally a few doors down from eachother, and bumped into one another trick-or-treating on Halloween!!  Our 3 year old boys hit it off in an instant and ask to play together every day!!  I think it was meant to be!!

Ok and does this dress even need an introduction?!  How gorgeous is it?!  It is cut and designed to perfection- every detail is just a dream!! Its one of those dresses you just feel pretty in!!  I paired it with some great nude accessories- always good to have!!  Missy’s floral off-the-shoulder dress is beautiful and flowy, paired with cognac accessories!!

xx L

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Anniversary Sale is Almost Over!

August 1, 2016
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This year’s Nordstrom Anni Sale has been a good one!!  I have been stocking up on some amazing fall pieces for my clients- and myself!! =) The only problem with my job is that I always want one for myself haha!! Ive found quality, durable, staple items that everyone needs in their wardrobe- at such a great price!!  Heres one more roundup I did of some of my favorites that are still available- everything has been going so quick!!

xx L

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Stripes x Sleeveless Trench

July 31, 2016
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Well, the weekend is almost over- why does it go so fast?!  Im enjoying some quality family time on this Sunday- we went to church, came home, and we’ve been playing games!!  I love playing board games with my kiddos!!  Were all disconnected, unplugged, and just laughing together!!  Especially with teens I love these times more and more- because they are becoming less and less!!

And for this outfit- these pieces are each individually great!! This dress is so cute all by itself- sandals, heels, even booties!!  I wish I had taken a photo with the sleeveless trench off, but I didn’t think of it!!   =)  The sleeveless trench is such a fab addition to anything!!  I absolutely love these lace up heels- great height- and come in three colors!!  Have a great rest of the weekend!!

xx L


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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless

July 27, 2016
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I’m trying a new skincare routine with Aveeno and loving it!! I’ve always tried to take care of my skin- I’m grateful my mama always told me to start early!! I’m glad I did because now that I’m getting older, I’m seeing how important it is!! Aveeno Absolutely Ageless products have helped even out my skin tone and my skin feels so soft!! I believe true beauty really is ageless, I admire women who have aged gracefully- their beauty shines from within!! With a little help from great products 🙂

The price point is also a bonus, so try it out!!

I partnered with Aveeno on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

xx L
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Bows x Kicks

July 21, 2016

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Sometimes I feel like Im repeating myself- well I kind of am!! =)  But I just love the chic vibe mixing a feminine top, skirt, or dress with some sneakers!!  Its one of my favorite fashion statements of all time!!  Its also an excuse to wear comfy shoes and blame it on fashion- yessssss!!!

How gorgeous is this top!?  The bow, the sleeves… its perfection!! Add some cut-offs, skinny jeans, flared denim, or a skirt- it pretty much goes with everything.

xx L

IMG_6092 IMG_6085